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Workcouncil, unions, student councils


TU Delft is easily accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. The numbers of buildings can help you find your way around the campus. Make sure you remember the name and building number of your destination.

Public Transport

From Delft Station, take:

  • Bus 40, 69, 174 (alight at stop TU Mekelpark)

For further information, see the Travel Planner.

By car

Parking is free of charge on campus. The six large parking areas are well signposted on the campus ring road. Demand for parking is high. Always leave enough time to find a parking space and walk to your destination.

Recommended parking locations:

  • P Sports (navigation address Van de Broekweg 1)
  • P EWI, 8-minute walk (navigation address Feldmannweg 2)
  • P Aula, 10-minute walk (navigation address Van der Waalsweg 1)

Please note: From April to December 2019 car parking at P Sports is limited due to construction of multi-storey car park. You are advised to travel to and from campus by public transport or bike. For public transport options see the information at the bus stops and check the Travel Planner.

Workcouncil, unions, student councils

Van der Burghweg 2
2628 CS Delft

T +31 (0)15 27 89802

Located in this building
  • Begane grond: Onderwijszaal
  • Eerste etage: ORAS, Lijst Bèta, ambtelijk secretaris SR en de communicatiemedewerker secretaressenetwerk ZieSO
  • Tweede etage: AC-HOP, CMHF, CNV Connectief, FNV Overheid, secretaris OR, ambtelijk secretaris OR, ambtelijk secretaris LO en Democratisch Beleid